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Rachel T.

July 16, 2007
11min 125 pics

Hi Guys, What’s going on? My name's Rachel, as you can see I have a huge pair of tits with big round horny nipples and a big round healthy ass. I’m one of those girls who like to have lots of fun and I’m as nasty as can be. I’m always touching and playing with myself sometimes even in my sleep. I especially like to touch and play with myself in public places I really don’t care who’s around, my friends call me a freak, but I just think that they are jealous because I have so much to play with. I went to the sex shop earlier today to get myself a new toy, it wasn’t easy but on the way home I managed to keep my hands to myself but I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the nasty things that I wanted to do to myself once I got back home. I went straight to my bedroom and stripped down to nothing but my bra and panties and then I started playing with my big tits, rubbing and squeezing them in my hands. I reached down between my legs and gave my pussy a rub, I was so hot and horny that I could have given myself an orgasm right then and there, but I knew that the longer I teased myself it would be that much better. I took off my bra and played with my nipples teasing myself even more and then I broke out my new Dildo so I could take things to the next level. I licked and sucked on my Dildo like it was the real thing and then I played with it between my tits before rubbing it on my eager snatch. I slowly slipped it inside my pussy and began sliding it in and out, it felt so good I had an orgasm and I was just getting started. I got down on all fours in Doggy with my ass up high and my big tits hanging down and then I fucked my pussy from behind as if I was being fucked by someone else. I gave myself another orgasm in Doggy but that’s just the type of girl that I am. I laid back down spreading my legs open wide and slid my Dildo back inside, my pussy was so wet that it slid in and out with ease as I fucked my pussy with long deep strokes. I had another orgasm and it was the biggest of all, they say that three times is a charm. Well I feel like I just struck gold.

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