Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

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August 30, 2010
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Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

We have a return engagement of the stunning Gabriela. Posing in a black lacy bra, matching panties, and strappy heels, she peers at us under her brunette bangs and gently pulls us into the scene as she slowly reveals her firm, pale-nippled 34Ds. She gives us full-length views of her curvaceous bod, and some long peeks at that high round ass.

Some of the best closeups are when Gabriela leans over and shows us her hooters hanging in profile as she flashes the shy smile that is almost her trademark. Eventually her panties come down and we get to see the neat little strip of pubic hair over her smooth pussy. Gabriela is one of our most ladylike models, though, and prevents us from seeing much more! Some might say that Gabriela is really a tease-and-denial expert, because she makes us ache at the sight of her tits and the barest edge of her slit, but then she covers her cunny and smiles sweetly while letting our balls turn blue with the desire to see more!!

Gabriela turns around and smushes her tits against her torso, and we see them from behind splayed out as we look at her beautiful back. And still later Miss G even sits on the edge of a chair and covers up her pussy with her hand so we won’t peek at her cookie. But we don’t want to hurt you, Miss G--we just want to see ALL of you! Because we know that ALL of you will make us SQUIRT! Although even just PART of you makes us squirt like crazy too!!

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