In The Grasp Of Her Glands!

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Merilyn Sekova

June 01, 2012

In The Grasp Of Her Glands!

Ukrainian temptress Merilyn Sekova is here to start off the new month with a little housecleaning...and some ball-cleaning too, because there are going to be a lot of her fans busily spanking the monkey and expelling plenty of dirty goo when Miss Sekova walks around in her black latex French maid’s outfit!!

This classic bra-buster clocks in at a mind-melting 32F, but numbers and letters of the alphabet can’t do justice to the effect of her floppers on mortal men. Just a peek at the member's comments on her bio page on the site shows how wild she gets us! “I want to be her bra!” said RCargill. “Boobs in a league of their own!” wrote Milkman. And perhaps bingers420 summed it up best: “If you find a stronger argument for cloning people, let me know.”

From the moment she displays her hypnotic cleavage in the plunging decolletage of her uniform, she’s got us firmly in the grasp of her glands! She does a little cursory vacuuming, but then she’s taking out her happy sacks, lifting them by the nipples and then squeezing them together as she looks down at us from a high angle, the grin on her face revealing that she knows we’re busily beating our boners to the glorious sight of her gazongas.

Merilyn takes off the vacuum attachment and sucks on the tube, then lays back and vacuums her nipples, the lucky metal getting to suckle on her knockers just as everybody in the audience would love to. We get lots and lots of these shots, and then she moves the vacuum away and we can see the imprint on her nipples from where the sucking took place. After this, she leans over the bed, so we can get some of that sideboob and hanging hooter action that her bells are so wonderfully suited for. There are a couple of vertical shots in particular, where her boobs just hang down in front of her face, that will certainly be worth a squirt of their own!

Finally at the end Merilyn takes off her uniform completely so we can watch her rub the vacuum against her shaved slit while her nude and rambunctious rack slides and sways across her torso as she pleasures herself with the hungry tube. An amazing show!

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