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October 12, 2005

Hi you! My name is Violet and I am a busty blonde from the Czech Republic. Lately I have been doing rather well at getting guys back to my place and yesterday was no different. I flirted with this guy at a cafe and a couple of suggestive comments later had him panting for me back at the apartment. Men! So anyway, I wanted a good screwing and let him know: I need my pussy pumped hard and my titties sucked and squeezed. He was a good boy and got down to work straight away. I sucked him hard and he slurped me juicy. We were ready to go. So next thing he is pumping his meat right up my box. He had a good size and was hitting all the right spots, especially when I rode him cowgirl and he sucked and nibbled my nipples!

We did several positions, including some titty fucking and I was ready to cum, but he beat me to it. He pulled his cock off all over my face and tits, leaving me with a sticky mess t play with. Mmmmm.

He didn't get away that easy though, cos I needed my orgasm too, but we can save that for next time.