Unforgettable On Land And Sea!

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Ines Cudna

May 25, 2012
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Unforgettable On Land And Sea!

Busty Legend Ines Cudna takes a dip in the pool and we end up as refreshed as she does! Lolling around first on land, reclining on a beach chair in her animal print bikini, this blue-eyed Polish temptress lets us feast on her cleavage while giving us a knowing look. And what does she know? That we’re going to be beating off to her verrrry soon! Ines takes off her bikini top slowly, revealing the heart-shaped jewelry on her nipples. She licks her tits, then peels off her swimsuit bottom and plays with her pussy, parting the petals with her slender, exquisitely manicured fingers. Laying back nude--except for her backless heels--Miss Cudna rubs her slit while her bosom shifts and slides across her torso.

Finally it’s time for a swim. Don’t worry, though--no stale jokes about female flotation devices in the form of her floppers! Let us merely say that Ines looks as if she’s to the water born, as she leans back and lets her glorious mammaries glimmer wetly under the sunshine. Lifting herself up from the pool, she just keeps on showing off her tits to fine advantage and always giving us that sexy blue-eyed gaze. She slides back into the water for some more fun, as our cameras fully capture the sensuous beauty of this truly gorgeous female, whose eyes probably inspire as many loads as her rack does!

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