Suck, Baby, SUCK!

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Kelley Scarlett

November 29, 2010
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Suck, Baby, SUCK!

Kelley Scarlett is here posing outdoors in her t-shirt, bra, blue denim shorts and flip-flops. This British hottie is a double treat with her super-seductive eyes and those amazing 32H knockers!

First she gives us a cleavage show over the top of her tee, then she pulls the shirt off to let us soak in the sight of her white lace boulder-holder. Clearly, a girl with Kelley’s endowments needs a major engineering job to hold up that rack! But wouldn’t you be willing to volunteer your mitts in a pinch, like if she lost her bra or something? I sure would!!

Kelley looks fetching in her shorts too, and so we get some teasing views before she peels off the denim. But the main thing of course is her gradual revelation of those stunning tits. When she finally lifts the bra off her dark nipples, one of which is pierced, she beams at us with her trademark dimpled smile that looks quite satisfied--as if she revels in the fact that men become totally addicted to her tremendous torpedos.

This beauty doesn’t have to do much to get our boners rising. She presses her melons together to emphasize the deep warm valley. She even covers up her pussy with her hand when she finally strips off completely, because Kelley understands her mammarific power. She knows we drool for her dumplings and will be satisfied to squirt off at the sheer pleasure of staring at them and wondering what it would be like if she would pull us close to her luscious body and tell us to suck, baby, SUCK!!

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