Chess Or Chest?

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Sandy K.

December 03, 2010
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Chess Or Chest?

We find ourselves in an elegant room at night with Sandy and her 34DDs. She’s dressed up as if she’s just come home from a party, but she doesn’t look ready to go to sleep! Instead she peels down to her matching bra and panties.

But she gets rid of the bra quickly so that she can take out a huge flesh-colored dildo and rub it between her alluring num-nums. The dildo has a suction cup base, and she puts it on a nearby chessboard table and sucks it. A strange red mask lays next to the chess pieces, and you begin to wonder if perhaps Sandy has come home from some carnival fiesta with a new male acquaintance, who instead of fucking her wants a hot show, and maybe a game of chess afterward! But who can think about knights or queens when Sandy is distracting him with her jugs? She sets the dildo on the floor so she can squat her pussy on it while feeling up her bosom. The cameras go in close to show us her crinkly brown nipples, eager for the mouth of a man! But where is the man? Oh yes, the man is US, yes, us once again: Sandy’s watchful audience, enjoying the delightful sight of this sexy German fraulein penetrating herself for her pleasure, and ours!

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