Swaying Her Sugar Sacks!

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Sexy Venera

December 31, 2010
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Swaying Her Sugar Sacks!

Guess who’s back on New Year’s Eve. The one and only Sexy Venera, that sensational blonde from Greece, here once again to stun our sacs as she peels out of a hooded furry jacket that conceals her top half but shows off her shapely legs. Venera doesn’t make us wait too long, though, before she’s peeling down the coat to reveal her glorious 32Gs in a shimmery net bra.

A Christmas tree is in the background, reminding us that maybe she’s one of Santa’s helpers still lingering amongst those tit men who didn’t get enough “gifts”...so she provides two wonderful ones in the shape of her sensuous sugar sacks, which sag so delightfully on her torso!

Venera’s got a lot of personality that shines through in her many expressions. Her lips are so alluring in themselves, and even some of her facial closeups alone are enough to inspire a hot load, especially when she looks right into your soul with her green eyes! Miss Venera seems to know that some of us really like to stroke off to big breasted girls as they watch us carefully and understandingly. Leaning against a doorway and letting her boobs flop free, she gives us a sultry, pink-lipsticked pout. “Suck my titties, you horny sweetie!” she seems to say with her seductively mascaraed eyes. Who could resist obeying an order like that?

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