Easily Dominates With Her Bosom!

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Tarra White

May 13, 2011
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Easily Dominates With Her Bosom!

The carrot-topped temptress Tarra White returns for her thirteenth appearance! Not only does this Czech beauty captivate our libidos with her deep blue-eyed stare right into our lusty minds, but she pleasures our orbs with her phenomenal body molded into fetishistic magnificence by a black bustier! Tarra doesn’t need a whip to dominate us; all she has to do is press her tits together in the top of that restrictive garment to present a mesmerizing shelf of flesh she can make us drool over. Her long legs look fantastic in her patterned thigh-high stockings, too.

Tarra takes out her tits and grins at us, licking her lips with her pierced tongue. She crams her jugs together, and we marvel at her pierced left nipple. How much pain will a modern female endure to make her beauty irresistible? Ouch! She tugs on her nipples then shifts her focus to her pussy. In go the fingers for a little while, then she stands over us with her hands on her hips as she shows off her plump pouty mound and almost taunts us to beg to lick it! “But no, you want my tits!” she seems to wordlessly say, hovering above as if we’re actually down on our knees in front of her.

Miss Tarra needs to relax. Stretching out on the couch, she plays with her pussy and keeps tantalizing us with her tits. Then she takes out a vibrator that looks more like a royal scepter than a sex toy. Will it satisfy her? She licks it, puts it between her boobs, rubs it over her nipples, then moves it down and into her pussy. If only our cocks could go in there like that lucky device! “But no,” Tarra seems to imply with those intense eyes, relishing the role of cruel breast dominatrix, “I don’t need you, I have my machine!” And so she thrusts it into her pussy and explodes, as Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture it all for erotic posterity in high resolution pix and HD video!

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