The Total Tease Experience!

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Sexy Venera

September 16, 2011
18min 130 pics Full HD

The Total Tease Experience!

Sexy Venera, the amazing glamour goddess from Greece returns! We’ve been waiting to see what she’ll come up with next. Venera always wears outfits that really showcase her beauty and stunning rack whether with a simple bikini or more elaborate dominatrix gear. This time she adorns herself in an extremely pretty flower print romper pink cowboy hat and cork sole slingback wedgies. We are already drooling and she hasn’t even taken her clothes off yet! But the true connoisseur of femininity knows that the covering can be as exciting as the nudity within!! And it’s no surprise that a female descended from one of the greatest and wisest civilizations on earth would understand this as she tantalizes our sacs with a total tease experience!!! Her legs are sexy enough for fetish worship...but then she starts showing us her boobs! Lifting them out of the front of her romper their lush contours overflow with suckability and allure! Venera shows us all...her quim...her ass...gently tugging aside the folds and hems of her garment so we can stroke our dicks in awe and ever-mounting testicular engorgement. She bares her tits above her lacy bra...magnificent! Her pale pink nipples call to our lips and to the heads of our cocks so we may anoint her cleavage with our glistening pre-cum! And then she finally takes her knockers out of the bra!! Well I could go on typing but I want to sit back and masturbate! Because Venera is enchanting me with her swaying and swinging beauties hefting them into the open air as she takes off the last of her lingerie and stuns us with her complete nakedness except for those pretty shoes which with a wisdom that Socrates would have approved of she keeps on because they’re so damn sexy. Denys DeFrancesco and his cameras have created a mammary masterpiece with this new pictorial and HD video of Sexy Venera!

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