Britney's Bathtime Buddy!

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March 05, 2012
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Britney's Bathtime Buddy!

This time the Czech beauty is taking a bath, and we are the lucky voyeurs as she settles into the bubbles with her mouthwatering 38Ds just floating above the surface. Wouldn’t you just love to wash those jugs for her?? These are really magnificent tits, full, round, firm, with light nipples that look so suckable. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews get all the perfect angles, shooting up, shooting down, and fulfilling many of our fantasies of what it would be like to be in that bathroom with Britney.

But our heroine has a little friend with her! Yes, the luckiest rubber duckie in the world gets to share the soap with Miss Britney! After she lathers herself with some green lotion that shimmers along her knockers and tummy, Britney then invites her little yellow friend to bob in the drink right between her thighs, before cramming the toy bird into her pussy. Just like men would in a similar position, the duckie does not lose his shit-eating grin for a moment as he gets to savor our lady’s intimate folds and soapy pink! Just imagine getting locked between those thighs in a tub!! Because Britney, as amazing as her tits are, is much more than the sum of those jugs! WHAT A BODY SHE HAS!!!

Britney lets the rubber duck suck her boobs, rest on her ass, and then pay a deep visit into her snatch again. Then the two of them pose for pictures together, before Britney takes a break with a glass of wine that she pours all over her rack to give us even more thrills. And then she poses for some more portraits with the rubber duckie...that lucky little bastard!!

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