Driving Breast Men Nutty!

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May 28, 2012
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Driving Breast Men Nutty!

What better way to start off our week than with one of our top Busty Legends, the amazing Carol from the Czech Republic? She’s back for her 41st appearance on our site, complete with a Full HD video to spill your seed over. As this new pictorial opens, Carol poses next to a red “egg” chair, and she’s wearing an elegant black lace bra and panty set, beige thigh high stockings, and black peep toe pumps. The camera comes in tight and we see Carol’s stiff nipples through the transparent lace of her bra cups. She teases us with her nubs and cleavage, putting her hands over her boobs as if to say, “Are these driving you nutty, honey?” No kidding, Miss Carol!! You know our weakness--YOUR TITS!!

Carol stands up and slowwwwly slides off her bra, cupping her jugs in her hands through the lace and keeping up the cleavage tease for as long as possible. It looks as if she’s just about to drop the bra but--wait, she has to run her fingers through her hair first! The bra hangs onto her hooters. Can our peckers stand the suspense?? Well, there’s always that cleavage to start jacking over...but then Carol shows mercy. She lets us see her right bare titty, with its crinkled nipple and sexy tan line from sunbathing. Then whoosh! Both bare bells come out, and she even uses the straps of her bra like a harness to make them jut forward. We get low and high angle shots so Carol looks alternately submissive and dominant, perfect to suit whatever fantasy you might have about her!

Settled into the egg chair, Carol shows us her pussy too, then stands up, turns around, and displays her amazing derriere, which would make her a legend in the annals of assmen too! Wow, her butthole looks soooo inviting...but still, Carol knows what she's here for--to use her cans to drive us crazy! And as her blonde tresses tumble down across her tan-lined tatas, she poses every which way to bring out all the dimensions of her awesome allure. Worshipping Carol is easy--because if anybody is a goddess, it is she!! She who must be squirted over!!

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