Coffee And Cunny Break!

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Angela White

August 31, 2012
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Coffee And Cunny Break!

Angela White, that Australian tit phenomenon, is back in her eighth appearance on our site. Looking as amazing as always, she greets us in the kitchen as she makes some coffee. Happily, all she’s wearing are her lacy bra and panty set, and slingback heels. Our DDF camera comes in for some great cleavage views as Angela drinks her java, then discovers a little pussy rocket in the drawer. Soon she’s sucking on the vibe and rubbing it under her bra and over her panties.

Angela turns around and lets us see that scrumptious butt of hers, pulling down her panties and letting the cheeks jut over the fabric. Then she slowly takes off her bra while rubbing the vibrator on one bare nipple. Leaning back on the stool, she presses the vibrator into her boobs and then slides it down to the top of her box, letting it thrum on her clit. With her panties down at her ankles, Angela decides it’s time to take her other tit out of the bra, and she licks her right nipple with obvious gusto. Then she leans back on the kitchen counter and concentrates on masturbating herself, running the rocket against her lips and clit. Laying back, she stuffs the toy in her crotch while pressing her boobs together with her upper arms.

Angela stands up again, takes off her bra, and then gets back on the counter. She plays with her discarded boulder-holder little, chewing on the straps and showing us how the cups are actually bigger than her head! Then she gets back to the sex rocket, finishing herself off with its throbbing strength. All’s well that ends well! Angela gets back to her coffee again as she sits cross-legged and naked on the countertop.

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