Frisky Farmers Daughter

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Tigerr Benson

June 30, 2014
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Frisky Farmers Daughter

Here’s a farmer’s daughter every traveling salesman would like to run into! Tigerr Benson from the United Kingdom is alone in her daddy’s barn, barefoot and barely clothed in her loose white shift.

So, imagine you’re the salesman, and Tigerr is gonna give you some action while her old man’s back is turned. You know how those farmer’s daughter jokes go! She shows off that 36DD cleavage in her bodice, then bends over to let you study her pie and crack. But she knows by the way your eyes pop at her mams that you’re a true rack guy, and she’ll concentrate on that!

Come on, honey, she seems to say, pressing her globes together, take a suck on these nipples! And don’t forget my slit downtown, it’s just waiting for a salesman’s tongue!

Tigerr takes a doohickey out of a barrel to show you how she likes to be filled, and you watch attentively as she sucks the cylinder and then crams it back and forth between her jugs and veeg! And that’s your signal to take over. Come close to Tigerr--she and her love sacks are just waiting for your touch in her Full HD big tits porn video!

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