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July 30, 2008
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Hey Guys, I'm Darina a 21 year old from Prague. I woke this morning in a very sexy mood, so I decided to go get my toes done and then I went shopping for shoes, I love pampering my feet. I was meeting a friend later for lunch and thought Iâ??d give him a little something extra to look at. I found the perfect pair of open toed shoes, and just as I thought he couldnâ??t take his eyes off my freshly painted toes. This was such a big turn on for me. I could tell that he was getting excited so I dropped my napkin just to take a peek the bulge in his pants. I let one of my shoes slip off, I let it dangle on my toes for a minute before slipping it back on, making sure to mention that I had just bought them and they were hurting my feet. Like a good boy he invited me back to his place for a foot massage.

Once back at his place, we were sitting on the sofa, I started rubbing my leg against him. He started playing with my shoes, I took my feet and placed them around his cock, I placed the heels right at the base of his cock, slightly pushing them into the cum-filled balls as I started moving up & down. I could tell that he really liked what I was doing. He took off one of my shoes and started licking my feet, that drove me crazy, I could feel my pussy twitching with anticipation. He grabbed my hand and began licking & sucking my fingers, he returned to kissing & licking my feet, sucking my toes. My pussy was getting so hot and wet! He took off my other shoe and started sucking on both my feet, I thought I was going to come right then and there. I wrapped my pretty little feet around his swollen cock and started moving them up & down, rolling my toes across his crown. I got on all fours, my ass was pointed high in the air, my feet still wrapped around his throbbing cock, I could tell that he wanted to fuck me but I wasnâ??t going to let him. I laid down on my back and he took off his pants. I started rubbing his cock with my feet again, he leaned forward and started squeezing my tits & teasing my nipples. I was in control and loving it! I kept my feet wrapped tightly around his cock, stroking up & down, I could see it grow with every stroke. I knew that he was ready to spray his hot, creamy goo so I grabbed his cock firmly in my hand and started stroking it hard & long, he shot a massive load all over my pretty little feet, it felt so good, all warm and oozing between my toes!

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