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June 20, 2007

Hi, it’s Darina from Prague again. Have you missed me? Well I missed you!

I’m home alone today, so I’m really glad you stopped by. I love playing with myself, touching & rubbing my body, but it excites me no end when I know you are watching. It’s so sexual you watching me the way you do! Knowing that gives me a thrill and makes me all wet. So come in, relax, stay for a while!

Slowly I like to start removing my clothes, touching my body, as I make my way over to the bed. I cup my tits in my hands and give them a good shake, rubbing them, I remove my bra and run my hands all over my body, squeezing my big soft tits, and petting my pussy as I slip off my panties, I keet playing with my tits & teasing my nipples, I getting turned on as my erect nipples testify. I feel my pussy juicing up! I start smacking my huge tits & pinching my hard nipples. I open my legs and begin touching my pussy, it feels so soft & warm, with my lips open. When I touch them my fingers slide right in! I ease my fingers in & out of my wet pussy while teasing my clit. I keep playing with my tits, rubbing & squeezing them! I get on all fours and start fingering myself from behind, my pussy is so wet, I can hardly believe it. I told you I like it when you watch! I keep pumping my fingers in & out of my hot, wet hole as deep as they go! I lay back on my side, my fingers still deep in my hole, and grab my tits and start massaging them. Soon I reach for my glass dildo and began licking it, I need something bigger inside me! I open my mouth wide and slowly slide the dildo over my tongue & into my mouth as far back as it would go. Wet from slobber I slide the dildo out of my mouth & right between my big tits. I then take my glass toy and rubbed it over my sodden pussy, it feels so good, the dildo being glass & wet and my pussy being hot and sticky, I slide the dildo into my pussy, it feels so good sliding in & out of my hot wet cunt! I get on all fours and start fucking myself with the dildo from behind, pushing it deeper & deeper! I lay back on my side still pumping the dildo in & out of my horny haven, I start squeezing my tits and pinching my hard nipples, this dildo feels so good sliding in & out of my pussy, almost like real cock. I keep ramming it in & out, faster & faster, I rub my clit & roll it between my fingers until I reach an enormous orgasm! I slide the cum-drenched dildo between my tits and suck the sweet cum from my pussy!


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