Playing With A Full Stack!

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Luba Love

February 27, 2006
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Playing With A Full Stack!

I'm one of those nasty and hard core Russian girls that you've probably heard about and get to see in action today. I invited Cage over for a booty call, or maybe I should say "titty" call, because Cage definitely loves him some nice pair of tits! I know this about him so I stick my big boobs right in his face. He happily and hungrily rubs and squeezes away, and sucks on my large round nipples. I get down on my knees to take his cock in my mouth and then wrap my tits around his meatstick so he can titty fuck me to his heart's content. He wanted me get down and dirty and laid down, spread his legs open wide, and had me tongue his ass. I slurp my way from the bottom up, slobbering all over him. Cage goes from fucking me in my pussy and then my ass, stopping to titty fuck me in between. He just loves to see his cock sliding in and out of my ample cleavage, and that's exactly what he's doing when he busts his load all over my chest. I rub his cum into my tits and then I slide his cock in my mouth, sucking him off to get every little bit that I could.

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