A Morning Cum Craving!

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Anastasia De Vine

June 21, 2010
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A Morning Cum Craving!

Hi Guys, I’m Anastazie, a horny and sexy blond. I’ve got a sexual appetite that wont quit and this morning I woke up with the craving to cum. I know it may sound a little crazy but believe it or not I don’t have a boy friend but a girl as horny as I am cant let a little detail like that get it my way. I went down to the sex shop where my girl friend works, since she works there she know what’s good and what’s not. This time she suggested I try a glass toy to add to my collection at home and she’s always been right so had her bag one and I came right back home. I got on my bed up on my knees and started rubbing and playing with my breast, I pulled down my bra and started squeezing them tight and pushing them together. I held both my boobs in my hand and started rubbing them round and round and then I began licking my nipples and watching them start to rise. I took of my bra and played with my strap across my horny nips, teasing them up even more so before I started pulling on them. I just love playing with my tits and teasing my nipples gets me going quick, I can feel my pussy already giving me the go ahead. I got down into Doggy and went right back to playing with my boobs, rubbing and bouncing them around and then I reached back and started feeling up my ass. I slowly began pulling down my panties and then I laid down on my side and slipped them off, with my panties still in my hand I started rubbing my breast. I could feel my panties were warm and that could only mean one thing, so I reached down between thighs and started rubbing my pussy to get a first hand reading. I sat up and went back to playing with my tits, squeezing them and pulling on both my nipples and then I grabbed my glass dildo and began rubbing it across my nipples teasing them and my self even more. I placed my glass cock between my boobs and pushed them both together and then I got my dildo all nice and wet and rubbed its slickness on my stiffened nips. I laid back and stuck my glass cock in my mouth and then I began rubbing it on my pussy, I had played with my tits long enough and it was time to feed my kitty. I slowly slid the dildo inside my horny hole and my pussy wrapped it self tightly around it and then I began sliding it in and out, slowly at first but then faster and deeper. I began rubbing my tits and toying with my nipples as I continued feeding my snatch the big glass cock, sliding it in and out of my hole as hard and as fast as I could. I held the dildo in my pussy as I got back up into Doggy and then I fucked my cunt from behind, shoving it in even deeper than before. I pulled my glass dildo out of my wet pink hole and laid back down on my side and then I lifted my leg up high and slid the dildo right back inside. I fucked my cunt with my hard glass cock and then I started playing with my boobs, squeezing and rubbing them all, playing with my tits as I fucked my cunt took me right to the edge. I laid down flat on my back and then I lifted both my legs and spread them wide and then I fucked my pussy and rubbed my clit as hard and as fast as I could. I gave myself a massive orgasm, my cunt felt like it exploded, I could feel the juice inside my pussy as I slid the dildo out. I sat up and slid the dildo right between my boobs and then I teasingly rubbed on my nipples, I squeezed and pushed my tits together and licked them all over.

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