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Hey Guy’s, What’s going

Veronica Vanoza


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Hey Guy’s, What’s going on? Did you miss me while I was gone? Well to let you in on a little secret, I couldn’t wait to cum back. You know that I’m always a horny girl but the last few days I’ve been more so than most, playing with my big tits and pretty pink pussy, even with all of the tourist walking around. I just can’t seem to get enough and you know how excited I get when I’m being watched so I sure hope you’re ready for some teasing and cock jerking fun. I began caressing my body all over, rubbing my big tit and pushing them together. I sat down and gave my pussy a rub before pulling my bra to the side and playing with my tits and then I laid down and slipped my hand inside my panties and rubbed my pussy, it was warm soft and starting to get wet. I stood up and pulled my panties down and then went and leaned up against the wall, arching my back and sticking my ass way out and rubbing it all over. I went back over to the sofa and got down on my knees and started rubbing my ass and tits, my nipples were nice and perky and teasing them was making my pussy all wet. I sat down and began rubbing my pussy and then I spread it open nasty wide, rubbing my pussy up and down and teasing my swelling clit. I played with my pussy and rubbed my big round tits while I was down on my knees on the floor and then I got into Doggy and spread my pussy from above as I rubbed hard and fast, teasing my clit from below. I could feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter with every stroke, I know it won’t be long before my pussy explodes. I took off my shoes and leaned all the way back lifting and spreading my legs open wide and rubbed my pink pussy up and down until I knew it was time. I put my legs down and rubbed my pussy and tits and then I thrust my hips up in the air as I rubbed my pussy as fast as I could until I lost control, giving myself a massive orgasm, the type a girl could be proud of.

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