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Kate Jones

May 22, 2006

Hey Guys my names Kate Jones and I’m a very horny girl. My man out of town and well I guess that leaves just me and you. I sure hope that you’re ready to have a little fun because fun is what I’m all about, there’s only one thing I like more than playing with myself and like I mentioned my man is out of town. I stood next to my bed caressing my body and then I got on my bed and began rubbing my sexy body all over, playing with my big tits and rubbing my sexy round ass. I pulled my dress down just over my shoulders and played with my big soft tits and then I pulled my dress down further and started playing with my nipples and rubbing my horny pussy. I licked my fingers getting them all wet and then rubbed and pinched my nipples, playing with my tits and nipples makes me hot like you wouldn’t believe. I lifted up my dress and began playing with my pussy and tits and then I slipped my hand inside my panties and rubbed my pussy up and down. I laid on my side and continued playing with my pussy and then I got up on my knees and pulled my dress up over my tits and played with my big tits and nipples. I took off my dress and sucked my finger wet and teased my horny stiff nipples, rubbing and pinching them, making sure that they stayed on point. I laid down and slipped off my panties and then I rubbed my pussy with my panties in hand, my pussy was so hot and I could feel wetness from the inside oozing out. I sat up and rubbed my pussy from the bottom up and teasingly played with my clit and then I grabbed my glass dildo and began sucking and licking it all over. I rubbed my dildo on my nipples and slid it between my big tits before moving down to my pussy and rubbed it on my pussy before slowly slipping it inside. I fucked my pussy from below as I played with my clit from above and then I pulled the dildo out for a sucking and then fucked my pussy from above. I laid on side and lifted my leg up high spreading my pussy open wide and then I reached around from behind and slid my glass dildo back inside fucking my pussy with long strokes. I got into doggy with my dildo still in my pussy and then I pulled it out for a suck before slipping it right back inside and fucking myself with long and fast strokes. I slid my dildo from my wet pussy and stuck it right in my mouth, sucking it from top to bottom as I rolled over onto my back. I played with the dildo in the side of my mouth just like my man would do if he were here and then I slid it back inside my wet pussy and rubbed my horny pink clit. I knew that I was close to cumming and there was only one think left to do so I pulled the dildo from my pussy and stuck it in my horny ass. I fucked my ass hard and strong as I rubbed my pussy and clit until I had a massive orgasm that left my pussy twitching.


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