Blondie Gets Her Bells Rocked!

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Rachel T.

July 04, 2007
20min 125 pics

Blondie Gets Her Bells Rocked!

Hi Guys, I’m Rachel DDF’s new Busty from Prague. I’m a very naughty girl that just loves having sex and just can’t seem to get enough. I met this guy named Ruka Stone while I was hanging out with some of my friends, my girlfriends were all playing hard to get but I just wanted to fuck. Ruka and I ended up back at my place and he we had a really good time, he played with my tits, bouncing and squeezing them in his hands and licked and sucked on my big horny nipples. I could feel myself getting excited like you wouldn’t believe and I wanted his cock inside so bad so I pulled out is cock and began sucking him off making sure that he was all slicked up. I laid down and Ruka slid his cock deep inside my pink hole, he fucked me just the way I like hard, long and strong. I got into Doggy and he Ruka mounted up and fucked my pussy from behind ramming his cock in my pussy with long deep strokes. I laid down on my side and lifted my leg opening me up wide before going back inside. Ruka fucked me really good and he gave me an orgasm in every position, I licked and sucked on his cock and cum brewing balls until I knew that he was about to explode, shooting his load off all over my big tits and saving a bit for my eager mouth. I slipped his cock back inside my mouth just to make sure I got every drop and then I rubbed his cum al over my tits before licking my fingers clean.

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